Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, May 30, 2010
I haven't sewn at all this week.  And I didn't buy anything so my stash report is still the same.  I've planted flowers and garden, weeded and watered.   Volunteered three days.  My dad and I went shopping.  I've been running errands to the field with Ken.  Last night it rained a bit, and Ken worked, so he's catching some much needed sleep.  

One of my clematis is blooming, I can't remember the variety, but it was six flowers so far, and each is the size of my hand.

This plant is only three years old, and bloomed last year and this year.  There are more buds developing.

My peonies are opening, the blooms are as high as my shoulders.  I love peonies, and after eight years, these are wonderful.  Peonies and Memorial Day go together in my mind.  

I have several large clumps of columbine, all in shades of red to magenta to purple and pink.  

I tried to get pictures of my wisteria--there are large clusters of flowers beginning to open.  The wind was tossing them and the photo was blurred.  

A friend who reads my blogs emailed me, here is a portion of that email--

I went to the local dealer, and since our dealer also carries Janome, now, he asked why I would want to get trade in a GOOD Singer machine for a new Pfaff.  His dad used to run the shop as a Singer Dealer.  I told him I didn't really want too, but I wanted to bring the ad to the attention of Pfaff, he said he would report it to Pfaff USA, but doubt he would hear anything back.

He also said if I was serious, he would give me something or the machine on a trade in, and he hadn't seen that particular flyer.  When I asked why, he said it was because he wanted his customers to know that he was a honorable dealer, and would honor that advertisement, even though he did say that machine pictured was a Singer with Singer brushed out.

Its good to know that I have a honorable dealer here close to me.  We had a chuckle over the ad, and he said if I ever needed a machine fixed or needed parts for my old Singers to let him know. 


SpinningStar said...

Your flowers are looking good! My garden is out of the spring flowers and into the deep green of summer. At least until the heat gets to 100 and then it will get sad looking. So, for now, it is time to enjoy!

Hope you can get some sewing time in this week.


Suzanne said...

Beautiful flowers! Nice to know there are honest business men still out there.

Katie Z. said...

My sister loves peonies. Yours look quite lovely.

Penny said...

Oh, your flowers are so loverly. I too love peonies and yours are exceptional. I hope you will be able to get to your sewing machine sometime soon. But I am proud of you....nothing in.

MightyMom said...


Stephanie D said...

I like the delicate look but hardy nature of the columbines. I think I'll add that to my list for next year.