Monday Goals

Monday, May 24, 2010
I don't think I will have any goals this week.  I've already stuffed it full of things to do.  I will sew on the camper project when I can.    And I always find lots of projects to put on my "to do" list!  Julie was making some small wallets, I think they are "Wonder Wallets" from Lazy Girl Designs, I will try to find that pattern today.  Thanks Julie!!

Yesterday I planted most the vegetable garden.  A few flowers from seed.  Watered everything.  And yes, I just cut holes in the fabric that I covered my garden with.  I have tomato cages around the tomatoes, and the small plants all have a "twig" to keep the "hole" from moving.  The garden looks like its had acupuncture!   As soon as the cucumbers, pumpkin and zucchini get bigger, I will spread wheat straw over the entire thing.  I have boards, bricks, and electric fence posts on it right now to the fabric from moving.  I know it may seem like a strange idea, but have covered my garden with either landscape weed barrier or some other type of fabric for several years.  Even if the weeds try to grow under the fabric, they eventually die.  And when I cover the garden with straw, it holds the moisture.  And--no weeding!  It may not be a "picture perfect" garden, but unless something major happens (like HAIL) it will produce more than we need.  Today I am running errands, warranty work on my car, oil change, and then I head to my volunteer spot.  Have a great week!  Anyone have big plans for Memorial Day?


Pat said...

Six 11 year old girls for a sleepover as Memorial Day~May 31st~is Michelle's Birthday! :)

MightyMom said...

Neat idea. I wonder if that would work with a bed of bulbs. Or would it hinder the multiplying of the bulb?