Motivation Friday

Friday, May 14, 2010
Drat, I didn't work on either of my goals this week.  The weather was cold, wet, and miserable.  I did keep busy.   I spent almost a whole day working on computer training.  Government type stuff.  Passwords.  Secret stuff! My brain was seriously strained by the time I was done!   Hehe!  I will be able to do important things--like update the phone list.  But, it will make my job more interesting and hopefully I will be more useful to them.  

I have been giving lots of tours of the Powerplant to school groups.  That's fun, the kids are always enjoyable.  Wednesday there was a lunch at the Powerplant.  Yup, we had picnic tables right down on the generator floor.  And I forgot to take a picture.   Ric (another volunteer) and I went.  Ric camps next to me, and although he isn't in the visitor center--he is kept very busy.   We got to eat something that is usually not served here--boiled peanuts!  You southerners will laugh--nope, most of us had never eaten them. 

Today is the first day in weeks it is sunny and warm.  The doors are open, the windows are next!  Laura Beth and family are coming tonight, my nephew's daughter graduates this weekend.  Mason will be here, so I better get to work, lots of THINGS setting around, cooking/baking to be done.  Laundry!  Arrgh!!



QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Certainly sounds like you don't have time to get bored....or sew much either. Enjoy that sweet little grandson this weekend.

Stephanie D said...

Goals are great, but grandsons are better! Have a good weekend.