Not Enough Spoons

Saturday, May 22, 2010
I've run out of "spoons" before I ran out of things I wanted to get done.  Yesterday I couldn't look at a flower bed any longer, I had to weed it.  

Then I moved on to fixing poles for my perennial sweet peas and clematis to climb on.  I wanted to work on the vegetable garden, and discovered I did not have enough weed barrier fabric to cover it.  Wondering where this is going?   Someone had given me lots of curtain/decorator type fabric I was never going to use.  I used that!  One year I used old sheets--it all works.  I stake it all down with electric fence posts.  Yes, I now have a decorator garden. Definitely a "scrap" pattern!  

After everything is planted and growing, I will cover the entire garden with wheat straw about 6-8" thick.  This helps with weeds and keeps my garden from drying out.  In the fall I pull everything up, take the vines/dead plants off, pull up the fabric but leave the straw/grass clippings to be tilled back into the garden.   But today I haven't any spoons to play with, and will take it easy. I still have to plant my garden, but maybe I can do that tomorrow. 


Stephanie D said...


I still need to rake up the chipped wood from two tree sites to mulch my flower beds, but haven't done it yet. I gotta quit buying stuff to repot! lol

Am working on a cute project I saw last year--hope to get it together this week. Then I really HAVE to stop planting.

MightyMom said...

so when you plant do you poke a hole in the fabric?

looks cute!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

You have to save some spoons for sewing!!! at least one!!