Motivation Friday

Friday, December 3, 2010
Last week my phone rang while I was doing errands in Minnesota.  What a wonderful surprise!  My cousin Nancy called to wish me a happy birthday.  That really made my day.

Monday while we were unpacking, another phone call.  Betty called and invited us to supper.  She made "knepla".  Home made German dumplings.  

We ate, talked, and played cards.  Thank you Betty!

Thursday was spent with my sister Kathy.  She recently had shoulder surgery.  It was a day of errands and visiting.  After work her husband ate supper at our house.

Last night I weighed one of the Fairytale pumpkins from my garden.  Howdy shared some seed with me--thank you!  Next year's seed is on me!

This one weighed 14 lbs 7 oz.  I think in a few days it may be ready to can. 

Have I been sewing?  I've made a few more "Two Lips" blocks.  No pictures yet. I hope Ken and I can get the Christmas decorations up this weekend.  Sewing in between.  


Nancy said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Tamera said...

Nice looking pumpkin.

Howdy said...

Oh Happy Belated Birthday!!

And my goodness you did a good job with the pumpkin... she's a pretty one! I really loved the leaves on the vines... large with a lacy sorta patterning on them. The pumpkin is very tasty... I know you'll enjoy it.

Howdy said...
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Stephanie D said...

That is one honkin' pumpkin!