Saturday, May 31, 2008
Yes I have it. Tonight it is miserable, too tired to sew, but just lay in bed and toss and turn and decided to write a post.

I have PLANS for the weekend. Finish the camper and park it for the summer. Plant the flowers that are currently waiting for the weather to dry off a bit. Mow the lawn. Pray for thread. Quilt. Pray for thread. Sew.

But let's be optimistic and grateful for what I DO have:

Warm weather, plenty of rain instead of blowing dust, food in the fridge, family, a first grandchild on the way, a husband who loves me. Friends who like me for ME, not because I'm related to them! LOL


Becky said...

Sorry that you had one of those nights. I haven't had one in a bit. I usually play on the computer until the letters on the monitor are blurred. I then go to sleep on the couch. I'm up early this morning.. All my boys are still in bed. Love this quiet time. I'm visiting a friend's quilt shop today!!!! It's just far enough away (45 minute drive) that I can go only ever month or so. Another friend is meeting me there. YES!

Opps! Someone is up.Quiet time is over.

Stephanie D said...

Oh, my, we should have instant messaged or something! I had one of those nights, too--and have been awake since 0100. I was planning on blogging about that myself!

Pat said...

I'll say a prayer that your thread order arrives and wish you sweet sleeping tonight :)