Motivation Friday

Friday, May 23, 2008

Well, it's been a busy week. My goals were "bumped". I spent one day helping Ken plant corn. Another day running errands and being available to help him. But, it's good we did because now it's raining! Oh, I wish we had more done in the field, but can't stop Mother Nature.

I did finish the quilt on the long arm, and have the binding sewn on, all that's left is the hand stitching to the back. I've put two or three more rounds on the tossed salad blocks. I've mulched my garden and weeded some of my flower beds. The camper has been picked up but the carpenters aren't coming until some time next week so didn't pick up the building supplies. No thread order yet--AAARRRGGGHHH!!

I should work on the blooming rose blocks, and prepare a quilt for the long arm. Sigh--I can work on another one of mine, but wish that dratted thread would come!


SueR said...

You really have had a busy week. Still no thread, huh! I ordered a bunch from Kingsmen and got mine already, but a few spools are on backorder. Maybe yours was too.

Pat said...

Sorry your thread hasn't arrived yet...maybe Tuesday it will appear. Good thing you have other stuff to keep you busy :)