Monday Goals

Monday, August 18, 2008
Goals, goals, GOALS!!! I don't have time to think up goals. (Okay, you should always have time to write up some goals.)

1. Finish baby quilt top for Ken's co-worker
2. Plan to attend next Heartstrings sew in in Minnesota!

Yes, I want to attend the sew in, it sounds like so much fun and it would really be neat to meet these people "in person". I have NEVER met a quilter in person whom I'd met online who wasn't a great person!

All my other goals aren't quilty AGAIN. I have tomatoes to can, and will put up a little sweet corn because my DH is hovering over me and talking about it. (He's the corn lover in the family.) I ordered my long arm thread, and had computer problems, lost the order and had to start over. Sigh Laundry is in mounds. Grass needs mowing. Flowers are being taken over by weeds. I need to be back in Yankton Tuesday night. But, soon it will be fall and then winter, so I will enjoy what I can for now!

Laura Beth is due September 20th, we're anxiously waiting for this grandbaby. The baby quilt top is finished, and I am waiting for thread and time to get it quilted.

And because I am so far behind, (and messy) my fabric stash is taking over.

My cutting table. (Yes, it's under there!)

My sewing table.

My stacking cubes.

Before you start to worry, customers quilts are neatly hung or in boxes in the closet!


kate said...

Love the pics of your sewing room. Looks a LOT like mine!!!
Have a great week!

Stephanie D said...

Didn't think anything could surpass the mess in my sewing room, but I think you've taken the cake!

Stephanie D said...

Didn't think anything could surpass the mess in my sewing room, but I think you've taken the cake!

Henrietta said...

Oh NO! I see I an needed in SD

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Man, that sewing room of yours brings back memories. I used to sew a lot for craft shows as well as quilt.During the "season" my sewing room would turn in to a total disaster, worse than yours, I'm sure. Anyway, one year Quilt Nebraska was having a messiest sewing room contest. I took the pictures but didn't get them back in time to enter (I could have won!!!). I came across them and put them in the box of pics to be scrapped.(Someday.)Sometimes we just need a sewing room fairy to come straighten it all up for us sometimes.

June Calender said...

Thanks for the picture of your sewing table. I thought I was the only one. And today I've had a clean up fit, but I'd hate myself if I had a "before" picture. Obviously you're okay with yourself and that is enviable and admirable. Many mfsstheore wonderful quilts emerge.