Sunday Stash Report

Saturday, August 9, 2008
I am visiting Laura Beth and Nick this weekend, so will post from their computer. Can't post any pictures now, but will post some when I get home. I have bought two lengths of fleece (80" each) to back the baby quilts I'm making, 3 yards for a gift and to share as charms at my guild meeting, and 6 yds (each 2 yards) for borders and binding on the three baby quilts I have the tops made. Whew!! I also bought four books at JoAnne's because they were 40% or 50% off, can't remember but know it was a good deal! All of them will make great stash user books. And one new magazine--it has a quilt I just love in it, but I will WAIT until I am actually going to make it--I need 3 yds of a red---it uses lots of stash--but does need the one red to tie it all together.

So that makes 6+ yds of fleece, and 9 yards of "other". But ALL will be leaving my stash in the next month, so I don't feel bad at all!!

No Quiltathon for me, but will get some sewing in before the end of the month!


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Fleece makes the softest backing for baby quilts - I have also used flannel and even knit fabric too! I often make scrap quilts where it is necessary to buy 1-2 fabrics of yardage to off-set all the scraps - I love that look!