Monday Goals

Monday, August 25, 2008
I am at Laura Beth's and Nick's.  Thinking about some goals.  Saturday I got home and my panto and thread order had arrived, so I quick quilted LB's and Nick's baby quilt.  So for goals---

1.  Making and bind the baby quilt
2.  Ask Nick how to download pictures from my camera onto their computer (I took pictures of how full my little car was
3.  Put the next Slide Show baby top together
4.  Work on red quilt called "Scrap Happy" from October 2008 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting

I should have brought along some Heartstrings blocks that are just sitting there waiting for me to set them together.  Rats!! 

Laura Beth is on strict bedrest, so I am here to keep her company, do laundry, plan and make meals etc.  You know--motherly things!!  So for lunch I grilled hotdogs, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, got out carrots and grapes, and made a pan of brownies.  LB is laying on the couch, remote in hand (sounds like her father)  phone, milk, and brownie nearby.  Later today she has a Dr. appt, I am hoping she will continue to be at home. 


Stephanie D said...

See, I told you you wouldn't have enough stuff to work on! Now you'll find that car of yours pointing its nose in a quiltshop direction! lol

Keeping my fingers crossed for LB.