Wednesday Ramblings

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Life is both slow and a whirl these days. Slow easy days when I am volunteering, and then hectic when I am not! Tomorrow we leave for MN to see Laura Beth and Nick. I got home today to start laundry, and a friend stopped by, so we sat on the deck and had pizza for supper. Ahhh!! But I took a few pictures, as I haven't been posting near as much. First--My old fashioned Tiger Lilies are blooming. I have tried to buy these but can only find the asiatic hybrids available.
And my coneflowers are faithfully blooming their hearts out!
Today I remember to take a picture of the finished Tossed Salad quilt, I have been using it in the camper, so nice and snuggly with flannel on the back.
I'll be gone until next week, no sewing, but I am hoping to find some fabric to match the top of the baby quilt I made, I need some borders! (How could I forget to buy the fabric for the border??!!)


Henrietta said...

That is what happens when you don't like to do borders.

Pat said...

Just go border-less if you don't have the right fabric :) and make more inside blocks :)

Enjoy your time in MN!

Tossed salad is beautiful :)

Stephanie D said...

Like that tossed salad quilt! So cheery and colorful!

Have a good time!

JuJu said...

Lori, have a wonderful time with LB and Nick, enjoy every minute of it. Your Tossed Salad quilt is wonderful! Glad you are enjoying the new deck, lemonade and flowers!!! Hope to get a long e-mail once you are back home!!

Treasa said...

Wow, I really like your Tossed Salad Quilt.It's very pretty.