Quiet Thursday

Thursday, August 28, 2008
Not much happening here, LB had a Dr. appt this morning, things are going well. I put together a pan of lasagna, made some garlic bread, have a salad ready. Now we will wait for Nick to call when he's going to get home, he's working out of town today.

In between I have been putting some UFO blocks together using my new design wall. Yes, it's the concrete basement floor! Maybe now it's time for a quick nap. And I haven't been to any fabric stores yet!

These blocks are from an internet swap from a few years ago, I have never done raggy edge applique, and I loved doing them, and receiving them! There are leaves to be raggy edge appliqued when I get the top together, but I forgot them at home in the drawer. But if I get it put together that far, I will be satisfied!


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Pretty! My "design floor" is in the living room

Ann said...

Lori - can't find an email address for you. Please email me (button in my profile) about your generous offer!

Pat L said...

Very pretty! I'll have to try ragged edge applique sometime soon.

Thanks for sharing.

Pat said...

I have a top very similiar to yours just waiting to be quilted!

Glad 'things' are holding steady at LB's!

Stephanie D said...

I've not done any raggy edge applique, either. Let me know if it's any easier than regular applique, because I am very inexperienced with that.

Methinks thou does protest too much about the quilt shops. I think you're gonna cave soon! LOL