Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, August 17, 2008
Nothing on the sewing front this week, no stash in, no stash out!! The closest I got was to read my new quilting books.

This weekend was "Riverboat Days". The weather was perfect! Yesterday we went down to Riverside Park and watched "Brule", they are a Native American/New Age/ACDC type music. Please check out their link--I am a big fan and of course bought some more CD's and Paul LaRoche autographed them for me. I have read his book, it's very good. And there were the usual vendors, crafts and food. Air show above the river, sky divers, Bagpipes and Drum Corps, Dancers of all sorts, fireworks. I bought a few Christmas presents, a beaded bracelet,
a wind spinner for my deck,
and a primitive style picture.

I have a few days before I have to head back, there are tomatoes to can. The garden is really starting to produce. I will skip putting up sweet corn this year, we still have plenty from last year.

Soon summer will be winding down, I wish it was May again.


Pat said...

Looks like fun at your RiverBoat Days!

Nothing in is a good thing in the stash area and were you collecting ideas from your quilting books for a new project?

Enjoy the next few weeks of summer :)

Mary Johnson said...

I'm wishing for's my favorite season.