New Heartstrings Blogring

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Woohoo!! The new blog ring for Heartstrings is up and running. :) I love the Heartstrings Group. No pressure but lots of fun and helping people. Personally--I've gotten a lot more DONE and DONATED this year than ever before. Thank you Mary and all the people who've made it possible. Following Mary's link was easy. (Thank you Mary!)

I am all ready planning to try and be at the next Heartstrings Sew-In--I have a small car and wonder if all the strings will fit?? Maybe I should bring the 5th wheel camper. Oh drat--they are talking March and it's too COLD to camp in Minnesota then! ROFL!! Maybe I can host a small one at my house, I have plenty of room to sew and at least enough room to house six people, the lines at the bathrooms might be long. I also have lots of sewing machines and a large cutting table--so ladies--if you want to come--we are all set. Okay, there is a lot of dust and crud, be we can still sew!

PS--yes, Insomnia again, I made this post in the middle of the night!


Mary Johnson said...

Nope the next Sew-in will be near Rochester sometime this fall. Sheree is looking at sites and dates right now!

Thanks for joining up - the new blog ring should be fun.

Pat said...

A sew-in in March in SD? won't all the dust and crud still be frozen? sounds like a fun time :)

seriously, you're doing a great job on donating so many quilts to those in need! Keep up the good work!

Stephanie D said...

Just set up a port-a-potty outside and we'll be good!

Would love to be in on that!

Helen in the UK said...

Just checking out the HeartStrings blogring for the first time!!
Hope you did manage to get to the HS sew-along day :)