It's A Conspiracy!!

Friday, November 28, 2008
Yes, it's a conspiracy! My sewing machines have ganged up on me!! They KNEW I had big plans for the Heartstrings Pillowcase Weekend. First, my Long Arm had a jammed needle. My fault. And other than lots of teeth gnashing and struggling, I resolved that problem without wrecking anything but the needle. Whew! And I was on the last FOOT of that quilt. Okay, let's not play with that machine anymore tonight! Next, I willl make some bindings. I begin to sew with my Singer 201-2 (Becca). Hmmm---seems like she's clogged somewhere. I take everything loose, take out all those lintballs and threads, oil here and there, put her back together. Not any better. It might be that her gears need lube, and I don't have time to do that now. Drag her out of my sewing room, and pull in a Singer 15-91 (Chuckee). Get everything ready, hmmm, foot pedal doesn't work. Am I plugged in? Yes, the light works. Recheck things, in moving him I pulled a wire loose! Now, it's 1 am and I'm NOT going to play electrician. So I take that machine back out. (Now imagine, I'm working around stash, baskets of strings, etc.) I look around for ANOTHER machine. Ahhh--there's the green 15-91 (Carol) Ken bought me. Sheesh--she has a wiring issue too!! Look around some more. I KNOW I have more working machines downstairs, but I'm home alone and cannot carry one upstairs by myself. Okay--I will pull out ANOTHER 15-91, this one is Celtic Red Cloud (don't ask!) Whew, she works fine. But, I hate to use her as she is a collector's piece. One of only 4 Silver Badged Singers I know about. She was made in 1932.
If you're an old sewing machine enthusiast, you know Singer's came with GOLD badges. And this badge was always silver. Not "silvered" from cleaning with the wrong product. And the badge is larger than normal. But it looks like I'll be using her to make pillowcases this weekend. Oh, I could use my featherweight, but I need to finish some BIG quilts, and it's hard to wad all that up on my featherweight.

But remember it's Thanksgiving, and these are MINOR bumps in the road. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


Tins and Treasures said...

Oh my gosh...looks almost like my mom's machine, on which I learned to sew...great memories! I'm not surprised that that's the one that is the most reliable. They don't make things like they used to!

Stephanie D said...

And here I was thinking I should get my Kenmore to the Sewing Machine Guy to get it serviced and unjammed before something happens to the Bernina, and thinking it was great "insurance" to have a second machine!

So, your middle name is "Persistence", right?

Pat said...

you crack me up!

Where there is a will, there is a way! :) Maybe Ken can bring up another machine for you when he is home later?!

MightyMom said...

damn, girl, how many machines do you have? I have a singer, in a cabinet similar to that....but mine's a TREADLE....I'll have to move the Kenmore I sew on off it's top and pull it up to look at the you got me curious

Mary Johnson said...

This is the reason we have more than one machine although I would have been in trouble if the 2nd one hadn't worked since I only have 2.

Vicki W said...

A very good argument for owning multiple sewing machines!