Motivation Friday and an Irritation!

Friday, November 21, 2008

So far this week I've been keeping busy. I've got the chunky churn dash and the pink isolette cover to the hand sewing part of the binding. I've prepared a backing for a quilt. I made binding for another quilt. Hope to get the next quilt loaded on the machine by tonight. I've been laying out my fabric and planning pillowcases for next weekend.

Cold and dreary out today. I took some of the ham and have ham and scalloped potatoes in the oven, and a batch of bread baking. Yum! The hambone and rest of the ham is in the freezer to be made into ham and bean soup later on.

I also was sorting items in the spare bedroom. Found my winter gloves (I'd been looking for them!) But what I really was looking for, I couldn't find. I've lost my bathing suit. Yup. Have no idea where it is. Not in my "swimming bag". I've looked on the Internet for a new one (gulp!) but it's so hard to find one that is three sizes bigger on the top than the bottom! And no under wires--I swim laps, I don't want things digging me in uncomfortable places! I know I really need a structured exercise program, and like swimming and the underwater treadmill the best. As soon as my new suit arrives I'm sure the old one will show up.

PS--ordered a suit from Land's End, hope it fits!


pdudgeon said...

Land's End has good stuff!!
that's great that you can swim and like to do it. i tried my hardest when i was a kid but could never relax enough in the water to swim successfully.
Sounds like you've been working away very well this week on your projects. good job!!

MightyMom said...

I got a very good suit from llbean a couple years ago. maybe we can trade tops and bottoms? I need one 3 sizes bigger on bottom! :-)

JuJu said...

My swim suit?? In the drawer, got it cause I thought I was going to need water therapy for my fibro ... didn't happen. Thank goodness! I don't like water!!!!