Sunday Stash Report

Saturday, November 8, 2008
This week I bought two yards of different blacks. I have already cut them up to use in my Bricks and Stepping Stones project. I used one yard of stash to make a pillowcase. I also got the binding ready for two quilts. I know it looks like I've been backsliding, but as soon as I put the bindings on, that will use some significant yardage!

Busy packing here, want to be in Mankato before dark. I have my featherweight, cutting mats and rulers, my pink and white sewing box (that holds all my "necessary" items), a plastic tote holding the bricks, and in the baggie are boxes containing the cut 4 patches and another project I cut out when I cleaned OFF the cutting table.

I may not have my clothes or anything else ready, but I have my sewing packed!

I don't have any fabric (can you believe that!) to make pillowcases out of for the Heartstrings Sew In the weekend after Thanksgiving. Yes, I know you find it hard to believe, but anything that vaguely resembles patriotic colors has been used. I have bits and pieces I can maybe do trim and ends with, but nothing in bigger pieces for the main part. BUT, I have a coupon for my favorite store, so will have to stop and see if I can find a piece that would work.


Vicky said...

Oh, yeah, right. Any excuse to buy fabric! LOL. I know what you mean about patriotics. Those always seem to go fast in my stash. Have fun at your retreat!

JuJu said...

Have a safe trip, glad you didn't get the snow Rapid City got!!! Keep us posted on your fun time with Mason, of course, LB and Nick too. How is Ken going to manage without you???? I'm still doing practice quilts!! Learning lots, no major problems, sovled my wiggle waggle problem! Take care and have FUN. Buy all the fabric you want too and don't feel gulity!

Pat said...

Have fun with the kids!

I've been buying in R/W/B too lately...I've been running low on patriotic backing fabric! Have fun shopping with your coupon :)

Mary Johnson said...

I have SO much blue - I think all my pillowcases will be blue.

Stephanie D said...

I don't know how you think you're going to be able to put Mason down long enough to sew anything!

MightyMom said...

"I have a coupon"

good grief, ladies, it's worse than we thought and we very well may have to do an INTERVENTION for ms Lori here soon!

oh and I'm with Steph D.

swooze said...

You have a coupon and you know how to use it!! I am with you on that one. Have fun at retreat! Get lots done.