Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stash report---I bought 5 yards of fabric I have no definite plans for at the moment--one was of sheep, and the other looked like it might be a background to go with the sheep or maybe into a kids quilt. And the other was 4 pieces of some more vividly colored fabric, half of it goes into a birthday present for someone and I will keep the other half, so that makes another yard for me.

Total---6 yds in and 0 yards out.

Although it doesn't seem like it, I've made lots of progress this week. Maybe not quilting progress, but still I've been busy! But today I am staying inside and being quiet (Ken is sleeping--he worked nights and harvested days the last few days, he's TIRED!) so although I wanted to bake some pies and try out my new food processor, I will go sew and be quiet!

I had two goals this week, finishing quilting the chunky churn dash and load another project. Well, I loaded TWO projects--

I put a 2.5" strip of muslin between the two Amish bars isolette covers.

They are narrow enough that one width of fabric will do the backing--so I laid one selvage on the other and sewed them together.

And voila!! Two projects ready to sew at once. They are just wide enough I won't feel like I'm wasting batting as a width of batting will do it. And since I was going to quilt them with white and use the same pantograph, I can do both at once. I will stitch on the muslin to keep the backs from shifting each time I advance the rollers, the pink has a light pink flannel back, and the blue has a blue flannel back.

It's a beautiful day in SD, I checked the thermometer and it was 70 degrees out, and no breeze, bright blue skies. I know it won't last, but will open the up the house and enjoy it while I can!


pdudgeon said...

Aren't you clever!!! what a great way to make use of the space you have to quilt, by doing two quilts at once. *big smile*

i love the sheep fabric--that's so cute! and if Gizmo sees your blog i know she's gonna want to know where you got it.

Katie Z. said...

Very smart on the quilts...and fun fabric!

JuJu said...

Good idea!! 2 for the work of 1!! Hey, the sheep fabric would make nice PJ's for this winter when you have to step out to walk the dog!!!
Happy Quilting!

Vicki W said...

Very clever loading procedure for your quilts. I will have to remember that one! The sheep fabric is adorable.

Stephanie D said...

So very frugal with time and energy! Do you have Scottish ancestry?

It was about 67 here in NC today, but most of my time outside was spent taking down the Halloween stuff--figured I'd better get going while the weather was good.

I really wanted to attack the sewing room, though...

MightyMom said...

yee haw!! get to quilting girl!