Motivation Friday

Friday, November 7, 2008
My goals this week aren't doing so well. I am waiting to hear back from a customer about a quilt, so I haven't loaded anything. And I've decided against taking bindings to be done along to Mankato, too bulky, my car is little you know! So instead I am taking some bricks I have already cut, and the black and white strips to make Bricks and Stepping Stones blocks. Thanks Bonnie--I love that pattern.

Yesterday was spent running errands. I bought these--

I get cold feet easily, these have a padded non slip sole, will be nice when I wear my wool socks!

And then when I bought groceries, I saw this sign---

I had a coupon from buying groceries, so received an additional 7 cents off. Is this when I remind Ken he said we would take a short vacation to visit relatives if gas got to $2.00?? I FILLED the pickup.

A picture out my front door, not too bad here, 20 miles north of me the interstate just opened again.

Yes, that's a snowblower parked beside the steps. I admit to being a bit paranoid about snowstorms and cold weather. I bought this too--

I've also located my butane camping stove and have two propane tanks downstairs. And I've got two flashlights with new batteries. And those long lighters you use to light your grill, yup, got them around too!! I also have an antique kerosene lamp that works quite well. Why am I so paranoid? A couple of years ago our town was in a terrible ice storm and we had no power for five (??) days? Yes, it got fairly cold in our house. So I am practicing "being prepared"!


JuJu said...

Hey girl, we got our snow blower out and ready too. Better to be prepared than caught without ... one never knows how winter weather will be in SD and NE!!

Katie Z. said...

I'm so glad you don't have 3 feet of snow and no power! I was worried when I heard the news about SD and NE this morning. We're far enough south that we haven't gotten snow yet, but we will! In 2005, we have people in town without power for a week after an ice storm.

Julia said...

I just found your blog. I have enjoyed reading through some of your posts and getting to know you a little. I will be a regular visitor now. :~)

MightyMom said...

well, you're gonna laugh at me but that's ok.

When hubby first moved to tx from Conn he talked about shoveling snow...didn't sound like fun, I asked why they don't just make something to melt the snow or blow it away like a leaf blower. He said "there ARE snow blowers..."

really? says I?? I've heard the name "snow blower" before but never knew what it meant....and I thought it was probably something nasty that I didn't want to know.


Stephanie D said...

Wow, you got the field work done just in time, didn't you?

We were without power only about 24 hours during an ice storm 3 years ago, but it was a miserable feeling. When we lose power, we lose water, too, as we live up the side of a small mountain and no water gets pumped up to us.

I keep lots of batteries available and a couple of battery-powered lights. I also have several oil lamps, because they give off heat, too.

J-Man wants to buy a kerosene heater, but I haven't caved in to that, yet.