Monday Goals

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Monday seems to come around fast. But I kept up with my goals from last week. Sunday I even got the pink/blue Amish bars isolette covers quilted! So my goals for the next week will be---

1. Load another project
2. Make bindings for the Scrap Happy Churn Dash, and both Amish bars isolettes

That is all for this week, I am babysitting Mason next week, Laura Beth returns to work and her daycare lady had a baby too, so I will fill in for a week. Hardship, I know. If I have the bindings made, maybe I will get time to sew them on while I am there. (Fat chance--you remember what 8 week old babies are like!)

Have other projects for this week, remember to get my flu shot, winterize the camper and put it in storage. And remember my holiday cacti--you can now see all three colors if you look carefully, a yellow, a fuchsia with white, and a solid deep red. I am taking plenty of pictures---it may be the only time it blooms like this and I'm going to enjoy it!


Katie Z. said...

Isn't it satisfying to complete goals? Still, babies need so much loving that can't wait and bindings can!

Kathie said...

Hey at 8 weeks should be sleeping a lot of the time, hopefully you will get those bindings done.

Kathie L.

Pat said...

What a lucky duck! more Mason time and a little binding stitching to do while he naps!

Hope you can get your other non-sewing goals completed too :)

Stephanie D said...

That cactus is glorious! Love the colors together.

I know I won't have to remind you to take lots of sweet little Mason-pictures for us. And lots of sweet baby neck kisses.

JuJu said...

Have fun!! Give lots of kisses to Mason and get some rest too!!!

Sweet P said...

Gorgeous cactus! Mine is looking almost as good as yours.

Your new slippers look comfy. I need to find me a pair like your pair. My feet get cold easy, too.