Saturday Sewing

Saturday, November 15, 2008
I made it to Saturday and I'm busy sewing. Earlier this week Mason and I sewed the 4 patches together. In one long string. That is 352 4 patches in one long string. Ugh, now I have to press them!

After pressing SOME of the 4 patches I laid everything out in my queendom.

Then I counted out 112 bricks. Um, that little pile in the front of the box is 112 bricks. My box still has LOTS of bricks in it.

Next I sewed them together.
Okay, ready to press again. Think it's time for a break! And I did all that in two cups of coffee's time.

The bricks and stepping stones pattern is a great "take along" project. I've made several of them, and it's so easy. And with 352 4 patches I have enough 4 patches made for 3 tops.


Pat said...

Great job and only two (?!) cups of coffee!

Glad you are finding the time to sew some while at LB's.

JuJu said...

Wonderful and only 2 cups of coffee, hmm what would you have done after drinking a POT of coffee?

Stephanie D said...

Just how big were those cups?

And how many did Mason drink?

MightyMom said...

Mason must've helped!

Mary Johnson said...

I've got a quilt to make using a similar design, 4 patches and rectangles but it's not Bonnie's pattern. VickiW and I saw it in a quilt shop in VA and they were out of the pattern - we decided with something that simple we didn't need one. Vicki had her top done and quilted it last week....I haven't even started mine.