Monday Goals

Monday, April 6, 2009
The official count on the snow was 15.7". But the snow is receding, it won't last long.

Yes, there are bare spots showing, and hopefully there will be green grass soon. I had some Iris, Hyacinth,and Daffodils under those snowbanks, I wonder how they are??

It's Easter Weekend, not sure what our plans (if any) are. And still waiting to hear from the oral surgeon. But I'll make my goals as if it were a normal week.

  1. Hand sew the binding on the Christmas Courthouse steps
  2. Load another top
  3. Work on my "blue" project
  4. Borders on Bear in the Farmhouse quilt
  5. Continue piecing my "Serenity" quilt (hey, that's the name the book gave it!)

There, that will give me a hand sewing project, a machine piecing project, and a long arm project. And a few others. I have to finish my part of the taxes. But Spring IS going to get here!


Nancy said...

Wow, 15 inches! I am sure you will have green grass and the prettiest flowers in the area.

pdudgeon said...

it's been a very long time since i've seen 15 inches of snow. your goals sound good to me!

JuJu said...

That's a lot of wet snow... spring is under all the white stuff! We have green grass here, still windy and chilly. We got lucky and only a lite skiff of snow from that storm. Keep the coffee pot on, you'll need it to warm up after taking the Quilt Dog out for his exercise!!

MightyMom said...


you'd better get sewing!

Brenda said...

The flowers should be fine under that snow. Don't worry, they are tougher then they look.
And always plan like nothing is going to happen to change them - chances are, it won't, and if it does, well you are farther along then if you hadn't been working on them in the first place!!

And that sounds like great goals to me!! Also, to make it even better, grab your moring coffee and spend a couple minutes outside enjoying the last of the snow, then go back in and get warm!!!! Have a great day!!!

Scrappy-Quilter said...

love your blog and seeing your weekly goals and the progress you make - you are inspiring. I lackka that last step on the bear paw quilt still. I would love to see some of that snow. Miss seeing it here in the south.