Motivation Friday

Friday, April 17, 2009
Did I keep you up last night? All the whirring of machines? I've gotten a lot done this week!

The blue/white double Irish chain is waiting for borders. The Serenity quilt needs one last border. And the pink/cream Jacob's ladder is quilted!

And while I was quilting, I was thinking about my favorite "quilting tools".

My MP3 player with my favorite music, I clip it onto the BACK of my collar, then the wires don't get tangled with anything else. I especially like this player as it has no batteries, it charges while it's plugged into my computer. I use the ear buds, Ken works nights and then I don't have to crank the music up while I sew. The flashlight, well, I often get under my quilts to check the bottom tension, and its much easier to do with a flashlight. The thread blends right into the backing, and with a flashlight at an angle and IF I remember to put my glasses on, I can see it! The scissors on the retractable leash, I can't sew without them. I have left the house with them still clipped to my shirt.

If I keep working, I may actually have a finish this week! Almost all my goals have been met! How has your week been??


Becky said...

Great job!!! A finish is such a joy! I love my Ipod. I usually run it through a boom box. Everyone in the house knows what I'm listening to. I've stopped using my retractable thing for my scissors. The scissors I like best are kinda long I keep poking myself in the booms :)

Glad to see that you are getting some sewing time. I'm sewing most of the weekend. I'll begin when I get off the computer:(

Nancy said...

Wow, you did have a productive week!

I listen to my iPod when I knit, but instead of music, I listen to books.

Congratulations on a great finish.

JuJu said...

yes, you kept me awake all night ... with those machines whinning from over use!! LOLOLOL

Stephanie D said...

I'm sure I heard you way down here in the mountains! I bought a docking station for my iPod, because sometimes I like to listen to the radio, and sometimes the MP3. But I have no way to clip it to my back, and I find the wires from the ear buds or headphones get in my way. If J-Man is watching his news programs (apparently all day, as I am finding out!), I close the door and turn up the music.

Mary Johnson said...

I keep thinking I'm going to try scissors on a leash but I usually just keep a pair on a post on the top of the longarm.

Pat said...

Whew! I better lay down and take a nap! you made me tired :)

seriously~happy you are getting to your list and accomplishing 'things' in the sewing room!

I even have a finish this week...woohoo!

Mary-Kay said...

Aren't the scissors on that retractable leash dangerous? If you accidently let it go would it hit you in the face? I have one but don't really know where to clip it to or what to put on it. Any suggestions?

Karen said...

Great idea for your scissors!

MightyMom said...

yee haw!! I like the scissors on a string.

and what's that quilting pattern? I see hearts and daisies! too pretty!!!