Wednesday--working hard!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
I'm trying to pick up the pace a bit, things were just moving too slow! Yesterday I loaded my pink/cream Jacob's ladder.

It is ready to quilt, just need to cut the batting.

And I also put my blue/white blocks together into rows, today I will press them and sew them into a top ready for borders.

I sew my blocks into vertical rows instead of horizontal rows, makes them easier to hang on the design wall.

Have you ever made your own "shake n bake"? Last week I cruised the internet looking for recipes/ideas, and found several ideas I put together. I used--

a little less than 1 c. flour
1 c. uncrushed saltines
4 T. cornmeal
Seasoning salt
garlic salt
Parsley flakes
a pinch of cayenne pepper
onion flakes
some regular "Slay Ya Mama" seasoning
a pinch of sage

I put this all in a food processor and ground it up. I lined a cake pan with foil, sprayed it with non stick spray, and then I coated pork chops with it and baked until they were done. I also used this with chicken pieces, and both were excellent! A baked potato, a veggie, and it was an easy meal. Ken said he hasn't had a pork chop that tasted so much like 30 years ago (Okay, some of you won't remember how home grown pork chops tasted!) until these. The coating keeps the meat from drying out. And I made a batch of cupcakes I have to frost today. I baked a loaf of bread. It's drizzly out today, a good day to stay inside and sew!

How is YOUR week going??


Becky said...

Nice looking quilt hanging on the back wall. I usually sew vertical rows, too.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Looks like you're keeping busy. Love the blue/white quilt. I have fabric put aside for one like it.

Will have to try out that Shake & Bake recipe of yours. Seems like we eat the same stuff over & over again. Time to try something a little different.

Is there any chance you'll be going to the Nebraska Heartstrings sew-in on May 2 in Fremont? Jennifer, Flischa & I are planning to go for the day if everything stays on track. It'll be fun to meet some of the "Internet people."

Pat said...

Looks like you are 'right back on track' getting to your goals!

I like to sew my tops 'into continents' if possible then join 'my world' :)

Nancy said...

All the quilts are beautiful, but the one on the wall is definitely my favorite.

Mary-Kay said...

Thanks for the comments. Actually, only 12 kids showed up and they ate 2 super sized pizzas. And they inly sat around and chatted, no music and no tv. I thought that was really different. They are a really nice group of kids. I couldn't ask for my son to have better friends. I can't wait to see your pink and white quilt all quilted.

Donna said...

Love the quilt on the wall in the background of the first picture.

I make my own coating with flour, corn meal and soul food seasoning. It gets crispy on the outside and keeps the meat juicy on the inside.

Stephanie D said...

Well, you HAVE been a busy woman. I like all the quilts, myself!

I haven't used shake'n'bake for years, but that sounds like an easy enough recipe.

Unknown said...

The shake and bake sounds great will have to try it sometime.

Katie Z. said...

Shake'n'bake sounds yummy, and you're making great progress!

MightyMom said...

is that called a double or a triple irish chain??

I love it.