Motivation Friday on Saturday!

Saturday, April 11, 2009
Yesterday we packed and were on the road to Mankato, so my motivation post was delayed. Mason and Grandpa are busy, Grandpa is TRYING to drink his coffee, but Mason wants to share. Mason has two teeth now, we can eat donuts!

My goals haven't done too well this week. I do have my Serenity quilt blocks together into a top without borders. The blue/white top has all the blocks made. I haven't sewn the binding on the courthouse steps, nor any of my other goals. It is a few weeks before I can get in at the oral surgeon--barring an emergency procedure! It's Easter weekend, Grandpa and I are going to enjoy ourselves playing with Mason and visiting Laura Beth and Nick. I hope you are having a great weekend too!

No snow here in Mankato, it is 62F out right now, today will be a very nice day.


pdudgeon said...

i notice all the decks are high up off the that to avoid the snow drifts? all that nice Winter snow..i remember the Little House tales of snow up to the second story windows at times. my guess is that it doesn't get 'quite' that high now, but you never know...
love the shot of Grandpa and Mason.

Nancy said...

Enjoy your visit and make sure you eat LOTS of doughnuts!

Happy Easter

MightyMom said...

no sharing that coffee! it's all for Mason!!!!