Saturday Shopping

Saturday, April 4, 2009
Seriously, what is it with men and shopping? Ken will run to the store for me, but I need to make a list. An EXACT list--brand, size, price, etc. Trust me, it's just better to make the list that way! And yesterday he had one thing and didn't need a list. Yes, the man was going to buy TOILET PAPER. Look at the picture and see if you noticed what I did----

"Honey--I thought you went to the store to buy toilet paper". Ken--"I did". Me--"are you sure?" Ken--"WHY?" Me--"Come read the package". Well, we have plenty of paper towels for a while, and he had to make a second trip to the store. But he tried, he just needs a list! (In all fairness, I told him to make sure he bought the BIGGER rolls, just maybe not that big!)


Stephanie D said...

When I had the stomach virus a couple of weeks ago, I gave J-Man a list of 4 things:
Clorox wipes
a 6-pack of Canada Dry ginger ale
a 6-pack of Jello

He came back with the first three items and some snacks for himself, but not the Jello. It was night time before I felt like eating any Jello, and when I found it wasn't there, J-Man promised to get me some the next morning.

The next day, after he made another trip to the store and bought more snacks, and milk, and various other items, I went looking for my Jello. Couldn't find it in either fridge. J-Man said, "It's over there in the bag." I said, "You left it OUT?" He says, "Well, it's not like it's made up or anything."

I looked at him with all the irritability I could muster, and asked "Now, WHY would I want to stand at the stove, mix the Jello together, put it in the fridge and WAIT for 4 hours to eat it??? That's the reason I wrote down '6-pack'. And this isn't even sugar-free!"

He just gave me a blank stare.


Brenda said...

That is some Toilet Paper!! Do you have Paul Bunyan visiting?? lol!!!
I need lists to when I shop, or I forget things. I could see making sure it's got the brand name on it if someone else is going or you sometimes just don't know what you are getting!! Love that toilet paper!!!

Oh, and those DVD's - yes, they are for walking inside and they are wounderful!! You basically 'march in place' but you are moving, and then you do things to work all your muscles - even holding light weights sometimes, and it's a workout, done in a short strech of time. I have found Leslie's Sanson's DVD's in Wal Mart, and other stores, so it's not like you can't find them around. When I first found her, I ordered some off her site, but she also has a DVD of 1 mile walk in the back of her book, so even starting there is a good thing. And it doesn't matter the weather, you can walk, and stop when you need to - you aren't 5 blks from home and want to stop!!! Have a good weekend!! Good to hear about your sister!!! Darn right, Woohoo!!! That is great news!!!!!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Oh that's funny - maybe he thought they were supersized!

Mine comes home with things that I don't know how to cook, or no one likes to eat - but was on sale.

Tins and Treasures said...

This is way too funny!

MightyMom said...

well, a) your toilet's gonna back up...keep plunger handy
b) your butt will be raw...

c) you'll be QUITE dry as that's gotta be the most absorbant TP I've ever seen!!

when hubby started doing the shopping I have him very detailed lists...brands and all. PLUS a cell phone. Bless his heart (I'm southern) he called me about every 5 min on those early trips!!

Now that we're 5 years later he doesn't need as much coaching...but I do make sure he has the cell phone...just in case!!