Monday Goals

Monday, April 13, 2009
Home from Minnesota tonight. Bags are carried in. Laundry is waiting, but it's going to wait until tomorrow. And I need to make some goals for this week.

  1. Put together the blue/white blocks
  2. Add the borders to the Serenity quilt
  3. Hand sew the binding on the Christmas Courthouse Steps
  4. Load another top

We had a wonderful time in Minnesota. We played with Mason, ate hot dogs, burgers, and steaks. We ate the cupcakes. We had a beer!

Oh, grandparents corrupt the grandchildren! First the coffee, then I fed him frosting from the cupcakes, and now he's gnawing on the beer! Makes you wonder how they EVER grow up!

He's such a good little guy, all weekend we wondered if he MIGHT have an ear infection. So today Laura Beth took him to the Dr. and yes, he has an ear infection! Now he's on antibiotics, so hopefully the ears will clear up fast. We miss him, we did lots of playing and snuggling. I tried to talk Laura Beth into sending him to South Dakota, I offered to trade her Mason for Ruby the quilting dog for a week or two, even cited that Ruby didn't need daycare etc, but she didn't go for it. Drat!


Nancy said...

I am glad that you had a good weekend. I am sure Mason will be feeling better in no time.

MightyMom said...

Hey! I'll take that trade!!!


just wait and she'll be BEGGING you to take him for awhile.

Stephanie D said...

Give him about 18 more months and Laura Beth will be happy to trade for about a YEAR! lol

Pat said...

Happy you had a wonderful weekend! My Dad used to give us kids Scotch for what ailed us...back in the day!

Hope you get some of your goals done :)

JuJu said...

a but Lori ... who would go outside with you at 1am if you traded Mason for the Quilt Dog??? LOLOLOL