Motivation Friday

Thursday, April 23, 2009
Yes, that's me. I came home Wednesday full of Novocaine and pain pills. Spent most the day with ice packs laying in bed. The oral surgeon was very good, made sure he gave me extra Novocaine for the drive home, and called me yesterday. Oh, and they pulled TWO teeth instead of the planned one.

I was able to keep plodding along this week, let's check my goals.
The backing is pieced for the Sanctuary top. The binding is sewn down on the pink Jacob's ladder. I loaded the Sanctuary top on the long arm. And tonight I worked on the cornerstones for the borders on the Irish chain! I also raked my flower beds and pulled weeds, Ken mowed the lawn. It was 90F yesterday! Beautiful! I even saw a tiny tiny daffodil blooming--my first! I think Spring is almost here!


Brenda said...

I am glad your dentist stuff is done - hopefully for a long time!! And I really hope you did rest and take it easy when you got home. I love the pic. you have on your post!! Oh, to have a soar mouth, it's not fun at all.
I am glad you have been cleaning up the yard and that's great you've seen a flower starting!! That is always such a lift for me - I feel so much better when I see real signs of spring coming.
Don't push yourself, but I hope you have a great weekend getting things done!!

pdudgeon said...

awww, huggs for you! but you'll geel better every day now that those teeth are outta there.
isn't Spring wonderful! there are some wonderful plants and flowers blooming all around here now, and i love to look at all of them.

Pat said...

happy the dentist visit is done and you can start healing! and continuing in your goals~that's inspiring :) if it was me...I'd be whining and moaning!

I saw a little flower here in Wisconsin, too!

Sarah said...

OUCH! Two teeth out??! The only good thing about going to a dentist and getting teeth pulled....husbands take care of you and you can eat all the soft "junk" food you want! :-) I think I hear Ben & Jerry's calling your name. hahaa

I do hope you're feeling better soon and that you're not too sore today. I'm sure seeing the flowers and the warmer weather definitely is helping. Its 70F here today and this weekend and into next week its supposed to be in the 80s. yay!! Our plants are really starting to come up flowers yet, but lots of green.

PS - I'm STILL sewing binding on our large quilt. I think I need to learn a "trick" to make it faster...or I just need to take larger stitches.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I'm glad you feel good enough to blog & hope the healing process hurries right along.
It was almost TOO warm out least for this time of year.

JuJu said...

All of that after having 2 teeth pulled?? What are you Wonder Woman?
Warm here too, 89 today.

Becky said...

Ouch! All that dental work sounds painful. Hope that you have plenty of soft food on hand. I vote for Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream:) Doesn't seem your dental work has slowed you down. You're making great progress on your goals. Hope that you are 100% real soon. Warm here in Georgia, too! We've skipped for cold to hot and humid.

Stephanie D said...

Gee, are you an overachiever or what?? You certainly didn't milk that long enough--remember hubby's hernia operation?

Spring's here already--my azaleas are stunning! Can't wait to get ou there and play in the dirt!