Monday Goals on Tuesday!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
I missed Monday goal setting to take my camper to Yankton and set it up. Now I need to make some goals.

  1. Hand sew the binding on the Serenity quilt
  2. Load the Irish chain top
Yes, same goals as last week!

This is the season of year that is unpredictable around here. Ken is checking to see how soon we can get in the fields. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in a few days!

While we were setting up the camper it was a bit drizzly and overcast, and remember the wildlife I talked about? A few campsites down there was a SKUNK wandering around. They do hibernate somewhat, so maybe he was just waking up. The turkeys strolled by too.

I will have to take it day by day, and in between sew and do whatever I need to. I have this sitting in my living room just WAITING for me to get to it!

I love the colors, not what I usually pick!


Brenda said...

I hope you can make enought progress this week that your Monday goals can change next week!!
I think it would be neat for a skunk to be walking around!! Just don't surprise it and you should be fine!! I am one of the strange people who like the smell of skunk - as long as it is a loooooonnnnnggggg way off!!! I have never had it up close and personal, and I would like to keep it that way!! I also feel sad when I see that one has become road kill through the night..... I think they are neat little critters. I like racoons too!!
Have a great week and thread a needle and sew a bit won't cha??!! ;-)

Stephanie D said...

Well, okay, maybe you have the same goals, but that doesn't mean you didn't accomplish a lot by getting the camper stocked and in place.

There will be lots of time for sewing at night once you are settled into the camper.

Henrietta said...

That yellow border came out very well, I like it.

Henrietta said...

The yellow border came out really nice, I like it.

Unknown said...

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Pat said...

Although the quilting goals are the same~you got lots done with setting up the camper and doing the yard work. Not to mention all the 'normal' chores like laundry, cleaning, cooking shopping!

Your serenity quilt is beautiful. Great job on picking the colors to reflect the mood! :)

SueR said...

Gee, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has the same goals two (or more) weeks in a row! You'll get there! Skunk--who needs that wildlife!

MightyMom said...

I have to say that quilt is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! It's just fabulous! really it is. I love the colors and the border...and then you put my favorite daisys and hearts quilting on it. perfect!