Motivation Friday

Friday, May 1, 2009
Well, I've worked hard a few days, and took it easy a few days. The Serenity (not Sanctuary--I keep confusing the name) top is quilted. The binding is made, the edges are stitched and trimmed. Tomorrow I will sew the binding on. The cornerstones are made for the Irish chain. I just have to cut the final borders and sew them on.

I am bummed because a large group of Heartstrings members are in Fremont NE for a sew in and I couldn't go. They are eating out, visiting the UNL Quilt Museum, shop hopping, and sewing. I wish I was there, but know they will have great fun this weekend and still get a lot of sewing done. Hi everyone--I will wave to Julia and all from up north!!


MightyMom said...

I wanna go toooooooo!!!!!

I love that Serenity quilt, it's beeeeeutiful! and your cornerstones will be perfect, but that block looks tiny, how big is it?? little triangles aaaaggghhh!!

pdudgeon said...

i love your new quilt and the quilting too! lots of buttterflies and hearts brings a smile to my face.
it looks so full of Spring!

Stephanie D said...

Love the quilting on that!

Sue H said...

The serenity quilt looks so very sweet! The quilting looks adorable on it as well.

Becky said...

Sorry you couldn't attend the event. Your Serenity quilt is looking great!