Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, May 17, 2009
I've ORDERED some fabric but it isn't here yet, so I don't have to count it. Yet. And there hasn't been a finish either, still hand sewing the bindings on. So my numbers are the same, I'm even with the board.

Laura Beth and family are here this weekend, we have two graduations to attend today. So it's been a family weekend, and we're enjoying it. Mason has grown and is so much fun! The weather is supposed to be warm and sunshine today. It should be a good day for a graduation!

Mason waves hello, can't talk, I'm eating breakfast~!


SpinningStar said...

I hope the weather stays good for the graduations! I'll send my sunshine up to you, if that helps!

Well, I am sure that Mason also generates a lot of sunshine in your house - love the red hair!


Pat said...

Glad you numbers are even and very soon you will have more finishes!

Hope your weather stays nice for the graduations! and 'Hello wave back' to Mason~sure is a cutie :)

pdudgeon said...

i know you'll be surging ahead with those finishes soon! congratulations to the graduates!

I'm glad you have sunny weather up there this weekend--we've got perfect quilting weather--pouring rain! LOL.

Sue H said...

It is a lovely day, and even more fun to be surrounded by family! What an adorable baby.

MightyMom said...

well, I know one thing about him for sure!

he's spoilt rotten!!

at least at your house! :-) love them snuggles

Sweet P said...

Congrats to the grads! Mason looks so handsome!

Stephanie D said...

Hope you had good weather for all the weekend activities and that it's not much of a letdown when everyone leaves!

Henrietta said...

That is a rodeo queen wave, wrist position is perfect.