Monday Goals

Monday, May 18, 2009
Time to set some goals. They are going to be small, I have lots of unquilty things to do this week.

  1. Bind Santuary quilt
  2. Bind Irish chain quilt

That's going to be it.

But I have some pictures from this weekend to show!

My sister-in-law got along well with Mason! She was the mother of the graduates.

He loves her, she gave him a stalk of broccoli to play with--he had a green mustache!

These are the graduates--Kyle graduated from High School and Ashley from College.

Later on we sat on the deck, it was nice out and Mason loves to be outside.

Mom, quit smooching me~!

Mason doesn't have red hair, more of a tow head. They leave today to go home :-( Later today my friend Sally will stop and stay overnight. My garden has been tilled, so I need to get to work. I have tomatoes in pots and a few seeds in packages.


Brenda said...

It sounds like you have had a very nice weekend!! Mason is such a cutie!!! Great pics! A high school and a college gradute. Perfect!!

And I am glad that you are having weather that will let you plant. I have two tomaotes growing on my plant, and it's in it pot still!! Granted, it's only going to graduate to a larger pot, but it's already producing!!

have a great week and I hope those goals get done!! But playing out in the sunshine, in the dirt, make that the first priority!! I would, if it would stop snowing out there!!! And being so cold you can't go out without a coat!! Ahhh, spring. Never know what you are going to get living here in the north!!

Becky said...

Congratulations on the graduations! We are experiencing the same sort of things here. Our son graduates High School tomorrow night. Our nephew graduated from Law School on Saturday. Tonight is our 5th grade Celebration Ceremony. Lots of dressing up:) Mason looks adorable. What a cutie!

Stephanie D said...

Such a cutie! I'd be smooching all over that cute little chubs too, if he was here!

We've had some weird weather here--had to turn the heater on the last two mornings and this is the SOUTH! lol

I'm hoping my garden and my herbs (still unpotted) will survive until it gets warmer.

Mary Johnson said...

Mason's getting so big -- what a cutie!