Working on Saturday

Saturday, May 2, 2009
Beautiful day today in South Dakota. Warm enough for short sleeves, gentle breezes. I have fertilized and put weed killer on my lawn. Worked on shaping up the flower beds. Moved a few columbine that were in the wrong spots. The trellises are up, cages around some of my spreading plants, that spread where I do NOT want them to lean (like into the lawn mower when Ken mows!) I even have some seedlings I started out on the deck getting some sunshine.

There are a few perennials I'm still trying to establish, and they dislike being transplanted from a pot. I seem to have the best luck when I start then ahead of time in little peat pots and then transplant them when the weather gets warm. I especially like a plant called Lathyrus Latifolius--or perennial sweet peas. They don't have the fragrant odor of other sweet peas, but once established these will come up every year as a "climbing bush". They get about 4-6 feet high, and I have mine trained on trellises. They are winter hardy here, and bloom their hearts out without much care. They can withstand our long days of hot sunshine. There are some other seeds in there, climbing moonflowers, cleome (I have a hard time establishing cleome--most people here find it more of a noxious weed!) I have some old fashioned tiger lilies (now those are hard to find!) that I put cages around, the wind is hard on them, and I would like to collect some seeds and establish some more.

Later if I'm still up to it, I will sew. The borders are on the Irish chain, and I need to piece the backing. How are things in YOUR corner of the world??


MightyMom said...

oooooo tigerlillies and moonflowers!! I"m gonna have to try those here one day, my Easter Lillies are about to take over my tiny bed!! I hope to one day buy that house on a hill with the big expanse for a winding garden day......

Stephanie D said...

And just a few days ago it was 40 degrees and windy! What a difference!

I still need to fertilize my lawn, though I'm leery about using a weed and feed, because without all the clover and weeds, there may be only dirt out there!
Doesn't it feel good to be out soaking up the vitamin D?

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You had a good, productive day.
We got a lily bulb as a free gift from Gurney's one year & it's been blooming it's little heart out ever since.

JuJu said...

I'm waving back Lori! Yes, you missed a fun filled 2 days! We've been asked to do it again next year! I came home with more projects than I planned on! But could not resist!!