Monday Goals

Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm having a brain block to think of goals for this week. We are still planting soybeans so I think I will be helping with that. Spent Sat-Sun-Mon, and will spend Tuesday volunteering at the Visitor Center. The weekend I think is spent babysitting Mason maybe. But I have a few possible ones

  1. Cut out a project to work on while camping
  2. work on pink/purple/green UFO
  3. put together some bricks and stepping stones blocks--they are all pieced in a tote

I have a few other things that I need to get done, so I don't lack for projects, I lack for time!! Still have a few flowers to put in the ground, but the garden is done.

I wanted to post a picture I took with my phone, but I don't have it quite figured out yet and I'm too tired to read the manual! The weather was overcast, cold, and a bit drippy all weekend, and we were quite busy in the Visitor Center. I like it that way, makes the days go fast. And I enjoy all the people, from the very young to the "young at heart"!!

Judy asked what's on our design wall, so I will have to take a picture when I get home. I'm glad she didn't ask for a picture inside my closet or the top of my cutting table, or even underneath my big table! Now THAT'S scarey!!


Tins and Treasures said...

"I don't lack for projects, I lack for time"

MightyMom said...

have fun playing with the tourists!

Brenda said...

well, I spent the weekend re-organizing my room (that is what i am going to call it anyway!!) and I just have a mess all over the room!! So I am not taking any pictures either!!
And, soy beans,, I didn't know how they grew!! So, you plant them???? Wow, I need to get out more!!! I have no idea how I thought they grew, but I guess I thought more like rice??!!??

I should go make a list and make 'expand your horizons' part of it!!
Do not stress over your quilting this week - don't worry about the goals. You are doing wounderfully and you are also being a farmer and a tourist guide - you are busy!! So, plant those soy beans and enjoy Mason. that should be the goals - and everything else is gravy, so I've heard!! Have a great week!!

Stephanie D said...

I think a few days off here and there because of other responsibilities is acceptable!

Becky said...

You're a couple of steps ahead of me. I haven't figured out how to take pictures with my phone yet. I wonder if I know where the manual is:) The onlly reason my sewing room is partially clean is because we cleaned the carpet. Now, the closet in that room is disaster.

Jackie Russell said...

The purple is a nice pop of color.