Motiivation Friday

Friday, May 8, 2009

My goals are temporarily suspended, I am doing the farmer's wife bit right now. Yesterday I was working in the field (I was disking in fertilizer) and so was Ken. We both were in separate tractors working in the same field, wanting to get the fertilizer worked in before it rained. As I came back down the field (squinting into the setting sun through a dusty windshield) I wasn't sure whether I should stop or not. Yes, that fun spring time job--Ken was stuck. Bad. I wasn't sure whether he was throwing mud clods at the tractor he had been driving or was just waving his arms at me. Oh dear! But after unhooking the disk I was pulling and hooking to the front of the other tractor (why am I always the "pullee" and not the "puller"??) we got it out and everything hooked up again with no breaking of anything! Today Ken worked on the planter as it was sprinkling off and on all day, and I made the necessary run to buy groceries etc. You know you're low on groceries when you have used the last egg!

If it doesn't rain a bunch tonight, we might be planting corn tomorrow, and I would be heading to the next field to work ahead of Ken. If I don't post regularly for a while, you know where I am!

PS--I wish I had had my camera for when Ken was stuck, but then again--maybe not!


Stephanie D said...

Wow, that's a lot of land! I'm so impressed that you drive a tractor! What do you plant besides corn?

Nancy said...

I always found working in the field a good time to think. It is dangerous to let the mind wander too much because then the rows can get a bit wonky.

My least favorite part of farming was going to town for parts. Nothing like making a flying trip to town before the implement dealer closes. After coming home with the wrong part a couple of times, I always asked to "see" exactly what was needed, so I could tell at a glance if the replacement was right. Then, I kept a notebook in my purse of the model numbers of the pieces of equipment: a real time saver.

Pat said...

Good luck with the planting of the fields~that is a mighty big goal :)

pdudgeon said...

i haven't seen curved fields before! where i am they're all rectangles and the rows are straight. but i guess you could get more yield in the same space with a curved field, right?

JuJu said...

Not a good thing ... taking a picture of hubby's tractor stuck in the field or the front yard! All good farmers need a wife that knows how to be the "pullee" or the "pullor" ... If you like my sister who is a farm wife, the major problem is getting UP and INTO the tractor cab... those big tractors these days!!!