Mail Call!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I came home to two packages. How exciting, what a change from what we usually get! The first one came from Henrietta. Green flip flops!! She saw these and knew I would love them.

These are indoor slippers from Thailand! They come in many colors-you can find them here-- Chiang Mai
Thank you Henrietta, you know I adore green flip flops!

And then another package. Hmmm? I didn't order anything, I didn't enter any giveaways or contests that I could think of.

It was from a fellow SD blogger Natalie! And in it was---

A kids farm animal panel with coordinating fabric. "Why" I asked Natalie??(Still thinking I had entered something and forgotten.) "Because you will make a beautiful quilt with it. Maybe one for your grandson Mason". Oh Natalie, how GOOD that made me feel! Natalie has the nicest blog, and an Etsy shop with all sorts of crafty things in it!

And something silly. When I was at the Visitor Center the other day, Joe was wearing Wes's sweater and Dugan's hat! Neither of them were there, so I took a picture to show how sneaky Joe is! Not really, neither Wes nor Dugan will care, but we laughed because Dugan's hat fits on top of Joe's ears!

Today I was in the cooking mood. I love Foccacia bread with cheese toasted in the toaster oven. The last bread I bought was terribly salty. So Henrietta suggested I make my own and freeze it in little balls to be thawed and used one at a time. What a great idea! So that is mixing in my bread machine, and I will roll them into small balls and freeze on a cookie sheet. Then I can use them one at a time. So much easier than one person trying to eat a whole bag of them. There's not a lot of extra room in my freezer in the camper. I also stuck smoked ham hocks with black eyed peas and some "Slap Ya Mama" seasoning I won from Judy in my crock pot. A little of this and little of that and it should be ready later today. YUM!

And if you're wondering if I'm ever going to sew, I am working on Alycia's newest "Not so top secret" quilt. Yup, started another project, and I'm almost caught up with Alycia! I do have a recipient in mind for it!


Unknown said...

Love the flip flops. They look so comfy.

Sweet P said...

The flip flops are so cute! Have fun with the fabric.

Henrietta said...

Tephparit is so pleased you like the slippers. They are handmade in Thailand and were mailed very quickly for an amazingly low price, no more than I would have paid at PayLess.

It was a feel good moment to make my BFF so happy and enable the craftsperson who made them to earn a living too.

MightyMom said...

you paint those toes yourself??

I wanna come and eat!

Stephanie D said...

Nice mail call!

I haven't started Alycia's quilt yet, but it looks like an easy one to do.