Monday Goals

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday goals, I don't think I am going to make any this week. I'm not feeling well and having medical tests, we're still planting soybeans (but down to the last little bit) and I'm too beat to even do the dishes! But when I don't feel good, I have fits of nostalgia, and found these two old photos.

This is Buster or "Toad" as we called him. He was about "half a horse" 900# or so. He was well broke, gentle, and could keep up with the big boys. All kids want a horse, I had horses, and so we bought Buster. He was the best starter horse! Laura Beth is about six in the picture. His only fault was that he was so fat and slick it was hard to keep a saddle in the middle of his back, the first day we were riding him it slipped around underneath his belly (oh--all you horse people are cringing as I was!) and Laura Beth was dumped on the ground screaming and crying. He just sighed patiently and stood all relaxed with his hind leg cocked up under him--the look on his face was "fix it and get that kid out from underneath me"! Usually when that happens the horse goes totally crazy and runs kicking and bucking trying to get that "thing" hanging underneath their belly off. But not Buster. He was worth his weight in gold!

Next is a picture of my mother and Laura Beth when we were on a weekend trip. Yes, my mother was red headed and freckled. She had cancer even then, and although the trip was hard for her she loved it. There was shopping, carnival rides, an open ferry boat ride around the lake at sunset, the beach, it was all great fun for the three of us. Laura Beth loved her dearly, and says the reason she wanted to become a nurse was influenced by seeing her grandmother sick and in the hospital. Both these pictures were in about 1990.

And since we had an early supper yesterday with Laura Beth, Nick, and Mason--a few more pictures!

This is Mason's usual sunny face. Did you notice Laura Beth trying to hide behind Mason. Too bad, I got a picture of her anyway!

Mason and Grandpa had a great time, they went to Culver's and had a hot fudge sundae. Mason watched that spoon every time Grandpa took a bite, and could hardly wait for his! And his favorite toy--a plastic straw! And Grandpa's moustache!


JuJu said...

Wonderful memories ... now you can make those special memories with your grand child! Hope you feel better SOON!

Katie Z. said...

Feel better soon! Good thoughts coming your way!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Take it easy if you don't feel well. Hope the tests show nothing seriously wrong. Looking through old pictures & remembering those times can be fun every do often. I can't get over how YOUNG we were!! I was thin!! He had hair!! LOL

Stephanie D said...

"Starter" horse? That cracks me up! Poor little girl, I'd be upset, too.

I just love those chubby baby smiles. Such a happy little guy!

Hope the tests are going well, and that it's nothing major. Take care of yourself!

Becky said...

Mason is just the cutest baby! Hope that you are feeling better!