Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, June 7, 2009
My stash report hasn't changed, still -7 yards for the year. I feel good about it, I haven't bought a lot of fabric, and still done lots of sewing. Things are "in progress"! Did I tell you what I did with the blue/white Irish chain and the Serenity quilt? My sister is the local Librarian, and every two years they have a fundraiser. This year she asked me for a quilt to raffle. I'm never sure what a stranger might like, so I made two quilts, and said the winner can have choice. I will keep the other one. I will try to get to the library in the next week or so to take pictures--she has them displayed in the window.

And last weekend was the city wide rummage sale. Now, I don't "do" rummage sales as I tend to bring home WAY too many "treasures". But I did stop at the local motel--that is where the cleaners drops off the dry cleaning. Remember Ken having problems with "his" washer? I found a nice Maytag washer there for $50. They even had an appliance dolly to move it with. My favorite brother in law PAUL came with his pickup (Ken was planting soybeans) and we loaded it and hauled into the basement. Thank you Paul!! Ken hooked it up last night and it works just fine. The $50 was probably cheaper than trying to fix his old washer. All the proceeds from that rummage sale will go to the fundraiser to build a new pool slide.


Pat said...

that is so nice of your bil to help while Ken is in the field! and sweet of you to donate a quilt to the library! what if they WANT BOTH?!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

The washer sounds like a great find....and what a wonderful way to raise money for the community!

That's nice of you to donate a quilt! What a great reason to make more quilts (and buy more fabric). LOL

MightyMom said...

you better feed that BIL before he decides you're too much trouble! ;-)

cool find on the washer.

Stephanie D said...

Wow, $50.00 for a working washer? Nice catch!

I can't believe you got two quilts done for the library raffle--with so little notice! Hope your sister appreciates that. 8^)