Motivation Friday a Day Late!

Saturday, June 13, 2009
I'm not sure if posting your "motivation post" a day late is a good way to talk about motivation!

This week flew by, it rained ALL WEEK until today! This is South Dakota---it usually NEVER rains for such long stretches in JUNE! And so cold I had the heat on! But the weather is beautiful today, I took my laptop outside under my awning.

I didn't get a top ready to quilt, I was too busy with laundry and cooking while I was home. But I did start on Alycia's "Not so top secret #2"--it sorta went with cleaning up my stash.

I'm not scheduled to volunteer until Tuesday, so am enjoying the time off. Ken came down last night, he is snoozing on the couch~! This morning he drug me to Norfolk NE to look at farm equipment. I KNEW he had an ulterior motive. We also went to eat at a "new to Yankton" restaurant---a Hu Hot Mongolian Grill. It was very good!

Last week I bought myself a new bike. Now, I have a bunch of bikes at my house, but none are comfortable for me to ride. So I "bit the bullet" and bought this bike---
It is a Giant brand bike, you can find it on their website under "lifestyle" bikes. It has 7 speeds and is made to be easier to pedal for "old ladies" like me! This is a man's model, they had the new women's model in a ghastly neon blue, and it was $100 more! I would rather have the silver anyway! And then I asked the salesman what they had to put "stuff" in when I'm riding. Oh, he showed me fancy packs for behind the seat etc, and I said "no--I want a BASKET!" How funny, wish you could have seen his face! "Something I can put my PURSE in!" So he grimaced (cheerfully!) and said he had one wicker basket! He showed it to me, yup, that's what I wanted. He gracefully mounted it on the bike for me (I am sure he was thinking all the time she bought this nice bike and put a BASKET on it!) and put in on my bike rack on my car. Now since it had stopped raining, I can actually ride it! The plan had been to ride it to the visitor center, I tried it out the night I bought it, it takes me four minutes to ride over there. My only worry is I have to travel a little ways on a busy highway with a slight hill. Most everyone has already gone to work when I would be traveling it, so I think if I am careful (and wear BRIGHT clothing!) that I will try it. My lunch and my purse will fit in the basket! Yes, I decorated the basket with a patriotic banner!


Nancy said...

It has been raining and raining here, too. I like the moisture, but I miss the sun.

Your bike is great and so is the basket. Please make sure that you wear a helmet when you ride. Enjoy the wind on your face. :o)

mereth said...

When my boys were little I didn't have a car and we rode everywhere on our bikes, baby Matt in a seat behind me. Not so good in winter, but I was very fit!
It's illegal not to wear a helmet here, they're a good idea, even if they look a bit dorky. Hope you enjoy your new steed!

MightyMom said...

haha, that vest is BRIGHT enough!!

love the basket!

Brenda said...

I finally bought myself a bike last year..... and I am thinking I want to go and trade it in this year...... What I thought I wanted, and bought, I have realized I really don't want. I thought I would love to have a bike that I could ride up the hwy with, you know, travel long distances.... uh, not so much. And I don't want to be that bent over when I ride - I should find a bike like yours!!! That looks comfy and I love the basket!!!! I can just imagine the looks (and thoughts!!) going through the salesman's head!! lol!!
Send any more rain you get to me!! Granted, I do not want to pass up on the gorgeous weather we are getting now, but the rain is desperatly needed.
Helments are not mandatory for adults here, but for kids they are. I bought a helmet last year 'cause I was going on long rides down the hwy you know.... But it is a good thing to have. I think you will really love riding to work!! You might even give yourself more volunteer hours because of it!! ;-)

Ann said...

Looks like a great mode of transportation. I haven't owned a bike since around 1985, although I've rented one several times for some trail outings, and ride the stationary bike at the gym all the time. I've been thinking of getting one again. Maybe it's time...

Tins and Treasures said...

I haven't been on a bike in years...would be fun to take a ride. Happy Flag Day ~Natalie

Stephanie D said...

I haven't had a bike in about 15 years, though I always loved riding them. Here, it's just too darn hilly. I'd make better time walking!

And hey, isn't buying a bike motivation to move about?

Katie Z. said...

It's been cool here too, although the last 3 summers we've been underwater by now, and we're not yet!

I should post a picture of my newish bike - you might call it a ghastly neon blue! I like it though, since DH won't ride it anywhere. Your bike is quite nice.

I have a basket, but everytime my bike gets knocked down by the girls, it crunches up (it's metal). I hope your wicker basket does better!