Motivation Friday

Friday, June 5, 2009
Although I had no goals this week, I have kept busy. I worked on thinning the stash into workable pieces. Bought some bins to sort my nickles, noodles, and bricks into.
The brick bin is empty because I put those in a tote for the camper! I've only pulled small pieces (9" or less) from my stash, and I'm still cutting what was in the first wire cubicle and on top of my cutting table. Ummm--I think I have at least 16 or 20 more wire cubes to go!

I also worked in the garden, spread the straw around the tomato plants. This morning my neighbor and I pulled some rhubarb. I will make a dessert, and she cooks at the local Senior Center. They love rhubarb pie. Is that a regional thing, or does everyone eat it?? I spread the rhubarb leaves in my garden over the fabric, by fall there will be nothing left. The pumpkins and squash are all to the 3rd and 4th leaves, soon they will be surrounded by straw.

My flowers have started to bloom, forgot to take pictures of the iris, daffodils, and tulips. Next were the columbine, I have several large bushes--

Now my peonies are starting to open, I love peonies--

This bush is huge, it goes as high as my, ahhh--chest!

And while I was on the way to the garden I saw this clematis blooming low to the ground. The plant is very young but it's getting bigger each year. I can't remember the variety, but that blossom is as big as my hand! And that includes my spread fingers.

And here is a plant you usually don't see in South Dakota--a Wisteria!

If anyone knows about caring for them, please tell me if/when I can move them. They need something to climb on, and there is nothing where I planted them. Last fall I drastically trimmed them back, they are climbing a steel fence post, and the vines are waving about searching for a trellis or something. They were on a set of wires going clear to the top of my roof line, but when we painted the house last fall they had to be trimmed back. I would like to move them over beside my pergola above my deck, I would love it if they climbed on that!

Today I will be at the Visitor Center, I will be there all weekend. I love weekends, lots of people, I enjoy that.


InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Here I thought I had spent too much time in the sun....I couldn't find where to comment! Love the flower pictures, especially the wisteria. I wish I could grow them here but I think it gets too cold here.

pdudgeon said...

love the pics of your flowers.
sounds like you're getting a good handle on your bits from the stash.
keep on cutting!

MightyMom said...


shoulda kept my mouth shut huh?


some folks here let the wisteria NOT climb and it makes this huge bush looking thing. I'd rather have it on a arch/canopy myself.

now about this rhubarb....if I ever get ALL the way UP there, it's at the top of my list of things you must cook for me! gotta see if it's any good.

Carmi Quillts said...

I was born and raised in Montana, now living in Oregon. I know and love rhubarb. When I go home the only thing I ask my mom to fix me is "something rhubarb". She always comes through. I bought some rhubarb the other day and made a crumble tonight. It was sooo good.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I like the color of your bins!! Have fun sorting the next cubbies!!

Becky said...

We never had rhubarb growing up in Louisiana. I have had it. It didn't do much for me. Sorry.

I bought some bins like yours at Target. I put some projects in them. I too am cutting fabric after I finish a project. It's good to have the strips on hand.

Stephanie D said...

I've never seen columbines in person--those are so cute with their two-color blossoms!

I remember wisterias being lovely-smelling bushes, but know nothing about caring for them. I just remember hiding under them when I was little.