Wednesday, June 24, 2009
I came home on Monday night, and I've gotten a lot of mail from MightyMom! She said I would find something to laugh at. Hmmm--was it this??

A brochure describing the midwest?? It WAS funny, because this publication is somewhat "vintage"!!

Something that I will enjoy---okay, I'm enjoying All of it! I received another Singer buttonholer (yes, they make the best buttonholes!) and some more "keys" for it. WOW! And a little sewing box--I love these vintage items, I am going to put a shelf around the room my long arm is in, and it's going to hold all these little items that I collect. Like this--

Handmade templates made from a cereal?? box with hand written directions for an "8 pointed star". Mighty Mom--did your grandmother ever make a LeMoyne star quilt??

Something she couldn't bear to throw out but I should--maybe the pink Sateen fabric?? Not sure, I am touching and stroking all of it!

Something I will look at and say "what the heck is that??" Oh no you don't--I KNOW what's in this box!

I just helped the rangers prepare a presentation on "animal scat"!! So some boxed bear "poo" is just funny! Actually, I think it's too SMALL for bear poo! Need a bigger box MightyMom!

There are all sorts of wonderful fabrics in those boxes, I laughed because in there are TWO pajama tops--Mighty Mom--did you know they fit me? I tried them on! And some wonderful knits, I may try to make a rug out of them, they make the best crumb catchers and NEVER wear out!

Some homespuns, and lots of other fabrics, I can hardly wait to have time to sort them and plan a project.

Thank you so much MightyMom!!


Brenda said...

That is some fun mail you got there!! lol! Enjoy!!

MightyMom said...


she loved stars and made every kind of star I can imagine. That group of templates was actually all together with instructions! I found (and tossed) a ZILLION templates that were randomly thrown in hither and yon. I'm sure SHE knew what they went to and how they went together...but I don't! and she used everything to make templates. cereal boxes..kleenex boxes, the cardboard inserts that come in pantyhose and underwear. I must tell a story about her "thriftiness" one day.

I thought those 3 double knits looked good good I thought (briefly) of making myself a rug out of them from your instructions. teehee.

I laughed and laughed at how MANY buttonholers there were in there!! Seemed every box I opened unearthed ANOTHER one!

If you look in that box I think it's actually a little bear, not bear poop...but I might be wrong.

I was hoping the tops'd fit you, but if they didn't figured you'd cut em up for scraps as that's obviously what she had planned for them!

oh goody, have fun now with all your stuff and thank God it's no longer all MY stuff!!!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You get some very interesting mail, that's for sure.

Henrietta said...

It must be a menehune bear, the menehunes are Hawaiian leprechauns, google it.

Susan said...

Came over from Mighty Mom to see your box!!!

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm a faithful follower of Mighty Mom! She chose the right name for her profile. She is my hero!
It's so neat to know you are receiving fun mail! Have fun with it all! I feel as tho MM is thrilled to have found others who will use and enjoy her treasures!

Carmi Quillts said...

Thanks Lori for the fabric and info on the places to visit.