Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, June 14, 2009
Stash report! Nothing in, nothing out, I'm still at -7 yds for the year. Too busy enjoying the summer!

Last night I rode my bike and enjoyed the beautiful weather. It couldn't have gotten any nicer unless I had been riding a bicycle built for two with a gorgeous male model!

Yesterday Ken and I put up my mailbox. I am on a mail route here, once in a while I need mail sent to me and I don't want it sent general delivery--you have to go into town (7 milies) during certain hours, stand in line and wait to get your mail. Now my mailbox is at the bottom of the hill, about 1/2 a mile from me. I am the south mailbox in a line of mailboxes!

Yes, it's just a mailbox in a bucket of concrete and rocks! When I leave at the end of summer I'll just stick it in the garage. You can see that is a common way to put up a mailbox! In the winter here when snowblowers clear the roads, often mailboxes are casualties and having them movable, well you just stand them back up, most of the time they just get slid out of the way--you hope!!

I'm hoping for another beautiful day with time to read and maybe sew! I hope everyone is having a great summer.


Stephanie D said...

A summer mailbox--now that's strange. Do you have the same spot every summer? Does anyone else camp there for the summer? "Volunteer Village", huh? Love the name.

Nancy said...

In this area, moveable mailboxes would be the target of mischievous individuals. It does make sense that they can be moved in the winter, but I am surprised, they don't topple over in the wind.

pdudgeon said...

LOL i've never seen a moveable mail box, but it sure does make a lot of sense.

JuJu said...

Love the mailbox and bicycle!!! Sounds like you are having a grand summer!!! Take care, don't fall off those 2 wheels!

MightyMom said...

hey girl....gimme that mobile mailbox address, I have about 20 boxes of fabric...I gotta send it somewhere!

pics are up

Becky said...

Very interesting about the movable mailboxes. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your bike rides!

Henrietta said...

Paint it purple!

The bucket probably weighs 80# in cement alone, then I know she put brick chips in, that would be some wind!