Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, February 14, 2010
I look forward to "Celebration Sunday"!  I read through everyone's  blog (and I mean everyone--even if I don't comment I WAS there!) 

This week I had a few busts that I had to wait to talk about--they were presents.  Yes, I MADE A COUPLE OF APRONS!

I made two aprons the same--only one picture.   And then Ruby the quilting dog needed a new collar cover for Valentine's day, it has pink and red hearts on it---


Usually I just make a scarf to run her collar through, but this time she got a girly ruffle. She also got a pedicure, but no red polish to match. 

Bought this week--0.0
Finished this week--4.75 yds
Bought Year to Date -34.35
Finished YTD 41.60
YTD  +7.25 yards 

I'm still plodding away on my projects, getting closer to finishes.  Soon!  


Mary-Kay said...

I was trying to figure out what the celebration was and then I got it. LOL. I like the dog collar, it's a nice touch for Ruby. Her name goes with the day too. Have a great day!

Susan in TX ~ Patchkat said...

Cute, Cute apron!!! Lucky recipient. Ruby is a good lookin' gal with her new ruffly collar cover.

Pat said...

cute apron! It is on *my list* to make one for myself!

Can hardly wait to see your finishes~it's been 2 weeks since my last finish! :)

Julie said...

Ruby's dog collar is beautiful! It goes with her name. She looks great in her new finery.

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

How cute, Ruby is soooo styling! Way to bust some stash!

Katie Z. said...

Woohoo! TWO aprons!

Penny said...

Love the apron(s) plus Ruby's fancy collar. Way to go on stash busting...almost 5 yards. That is great.

I know how it feels to sew and sew and still not have anything to report. I am looking forward to your finishes.

MightyMom said...

cute apron! I like that it's on point.

at first I thought you'd applique'd it to the quilt top and I thought that's really cute andoriginal....