I Have a Hitch in My Get-A-Long!

Monday, June 15, 2009
This week has started out not very well! But, everyone is fine, no blood was involved, so it really isn't that bad! On Sunday the transmission went out on our truck. Inconvenient, expensive, but just one of those facts of life. This afternoon when I was heading to Penney's to return an item, this happened.
Now, I love my little car, she is faithful and cheap to run. And now she has an something that needs a big bandaid! Ouch! I was in traffic, and traffic had come to a halt, and I could see the other car was coming and hadn't noticed traffic had stopped and was going to hit me. I had nowhere to go, so it happened. No one was hurt except the vehicles, but the other driver was rather shaken. Luckily I don't think I have anything in my trunk that I need, and my backseat folds down from the inside so I can get stuff out of there if I need to. But my new bike rack is toast, and my little car is going to need some bodywork.

I had planned to sew, but know my sewing kit is in the trunk, and I will wait to get it out when I absolutely have to!

And, remember when I said it's been raining a lot? Ken said with the rain we got last night, we have had 4.5" since we planted the last of our crops. Now we hope for clear skies and sunshine for a while, but it looks overcast and feels like more rain. But I will be optomistic, you can't grow anything without the rain, and everything is green and lush. I am looking forward to the picnic later this week, I have all the ingredients for my dessert, I am making "Sunshine Cake" or something close! Ken is looking forward to the chicken!


Henrietta said...

Awe! That is Hawaiian for alas!

Doesn't look too bad though and you weren't hurt so we will count our blessings.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You are indeed having a bad week. And it's only Monday. Maybe you should crawl into bed and stay there the rest of the week. LOL I'm going to worry about you.

Pat said...

sorry to hear your week has started off poorly...glad you weren't hurt in the accident!

sending good thoughts so your days improve :)

MightyMom said...


poor new bike rack!!

hey darling. you might want to hide your license plate there dearie...weirdos out there you know.

pdudgeon said...

ouch! those rear-enders can be a pain in the neck and back--literally! hope the rest of your week goes smoothly.

Nancy said...

I think your bike rack may have saved you from even more extensive damage. I am glad that no one was hurt: cars can be mended a lot easier than people.

Stephanie D said...

Drats! Hope she had insurance!

You didn't get a whiplash, did you? Those are painful, and would definitely interfere with sewing.

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Glad everyone was alright. Hope all the bad incidents are done and you can have fun now!

JuJu said...

Just glad YOU are alright. Your local body shop can fix the "hitch in your get-a-long" LOLO

Unknown said...

Thankfully you weren't hurt. Hope you get better weather soon.

Howdy said...

Oooooo don't ya hate it when that happens?!

I don't suppose the other person was on the phone or texting at the time? It's scary how many people I see texting while driving... scary, scary, scary!

Good thing your bike wasn't attached... and glad you weren't hurt. Hope you get your car patched up pretty quick.

And that rain... it seems to be everywhere - I might just start to mold soon if it doesn't stop.