Monday Goals

Monday, June 8, 2009
Monday Goals---Gosh my mind is blank!

  1. Prepare a top for quilting
  2. Keep cutting my stash into workable pieces

Driving back and forth to the Visitor Center, gardening, and all the other summer fun things cuts into my sewing time. But summer never seems to last long enough, so I better enjoy it while I can!

And a few pictures from the Visitor Center---

a robin hatched 3 eggs on the front of my camper, she is NOT happy when I walk past!

my camping spot

View from the Visitor Center. The snow melt is coming from up north and they have been opening the dam gates periodically for the first time since 1998! Yesterday they had 7 open.

And this is me with my cute vest behind the counter at the Visitor Center.

I will drive home for a few days, I don't have to be back until Thursday. The weather has been rainy and chilly, I even have the heat on in my camper! I don't think I have ever had to do that in June, most of the time it is MUCH warmer! I was wondering, what are you doing this summer? Anything special??


Vicki W said...

The robins are so cute!

Mary-Kay said...

Here in SW Ontario, the weather is also pretty crappy unless you are a furnace salesman. At least we have not had to put the heat on since sometime in April.We actually have the a/c on due to my son's severe allergies. This summer I am going to spend a lot of it in northern MI at my sister's. She works in a quilt shop and they are having a shop hop in august and I can't wait to go to all the cool shops. So much for stashbusting. On my mail route there was a robin's nest on top of a light fixture and I think the home owners didn't like it because last Monday it was completely gone. I don't think the birds were ready to fly off just yet. Short of asking them I guess I will never know what happened. Have a great week.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You look very official in your red vest. I'm sure you can answer every off-the-wall question the visitors throw at you.
Our son said the little marina at Larson's Landing is full to the brim. That's never happened since they put their camper there last year.
We have a swallow nest on top of our outdoor light, up under the eaves. I know they eat lots of bugs & mosquitoes, but they sure do make a mess.
At least your heat comes on. I turned up the furnace this morning to take the chill off, heard the flame kick in, but the fan won't "fan." It limped all the way through winter & now I think it's dead. Of course, the whole furnace is very old, we may just have to replace the whole thing before winter comes around again.

MightyMom said...

cute pic of you!

I'm herding hooligans this summer!!

Stephanie D said...

This summer will be spent trying to get projects done--like painting the front and back porches, trying to condition the lawn, and enlarging and maintaining the flower beds.

That is, until the weather gets too hot. Then I'll sew. After all, it's less than 5 months til Halloween, and it's all downhill after that!

JuJu said...

Look'n good girl!!! Red is your color! What am I doing this summer ... hosting QoV Caravan, which by the way is NOW in Nebraska!!

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Baby sweet. That camper looks very inviting.


Kim said...

Hey Lori! So, are robins campers or squatters?! They do seem to choose the most inconvenient places to set up housekeeping, lol. It's cold here, too...40ish. The sun was out and warming early this morning so I got my walk in before the chill and clouds moved back in. You are the Visitor Center hostess for the summer. What an interesting job. You must meet all sorts of folks. Stay warm!

Brenda said...

What am I doing this summer??? Well, one thing, I am waiting for summer to come!!! We are going to have beautiful weather for the next couple days, but I sure am tired of having frost in the morings so all my plants are living inside!!!
Seriously though, I am planning on gardening, canning some of my stuff I am trying to grow - salsa is one of the things I really want to make, plus my relish recipe, which we have actually run out of!! (horrors!!) Uhm, sewing is definity part of the plan. I am really having fun this year with it, so I do not want to stop.
Kids need to have wisdom teeth out, so I will be looking after them too!!
And that should fill up my days!!
I have just gotten the newewt "Square foot Gardening Book" - and it is alot differnt then my other one!! LOVE IT!!! So, I am going to be re-creating my garden this summer to!!
Okay, plans are made - or should I say 'goals'?? ;-) (I need to write them down, so I don't forget!!) And that should fill up my summer!!
I love the baby robins!!!!