Apple Saturday

Saturday, October 11, 2008
Yesterday was another "outside" day. Hauled two mares to the pasture, helped Ken change a tire on a hayrack. Hauled gravity boxes home. Picked up some port-a-panels from the pasture. Fixed a small section of fence where the water had washed it down. Then, we picked apples from our apple tree. I know the neighbors had all been picking too. We came home with five buckets of apples, how many apples do two people need??!! My mother made the BEST apple butter. I'm not sure if she even had a recipe, so I play it by ear and make it.

And here is a picture of what I saw a lot of!!

Partially harvestered fields, bright blue skies and clouds! Another beautiful day.

I worked last night whipping the scraps. Sigh--found a "PIGS" and opened it. Not sure what it USED to be, but there were strips sewn together. I took the strips apart and they are now in various piles of strings and noodles.

I entered Finn's New Year's challenge. I chose to finish three UFO's. If I get the chunky churn dashes done, that will be one! I have 11 quarts of apple pie filling done, and there is a large roaster of apples baking in the oven in preparation for apple butter. I had a small sack of pears, I am making them into pear butter. I'm hoping to get most the mess cleaned up and have some quality sewing time later! Ken is hoping for apple pie, but I don't think that will happen today. The apples will keep so I have a few days.


Stephanie D said...

Yumm! Apple butter--my favorite, well, after fig preserves! I haven't made any in a while--seems there is never enough time to work it in, even having been on vacation for all that time. I have an older book, "Farm Journal's Freezing and Canning Book" that had a good recipe for apple butter, with several variations, including using white grape juice as the liquid. That was a good batch!

Susan said...

If you are making pear butter, you can use the same recipe with the apples. I'm jealous you have so many apples! =)

MightyMom said...

you are making me HUNGRY!

wanna share pics of "gravity boxes" or "port-a-panels" ?? I think I know but am not sure!

you've been a busy little bee today!

happy sewing!


what's a PIGS?