Monday Goals

Monday, October 20, 2008
Monday goals---what will they be this week??

1) Finish quilting the chunky churn dash
2) quilt an isolette cover

That's all I'm going to put on my list this week, Thursday or Friday I am heading to Minnesota, visiting Laura Beth, Nick, and MASON. Then I will attend the Heartstrings Sew-In in Rochester on Saturday.

I was reading Extraorinary Mom's Network and the question was--what did your mother teach you that made you a better parent? Two things--she taught me to always thank whoever gave me a gift, accept it graciously!! And, she taught me to always take time to hug your child. She said they grew up too fast and she thought she had been too busy when her kids were little, she thought she wasn't a "good mother". She was the best!


JuJu said...

Lori, have a wonderful trip and enjoy every minute of it. I want to see a picture of your car all decorated for the Sew-in!! LOLOL I'll be joining "virtually" with my new HQ16. That was a nice tribute to your Mother!!!! Happy Quilting

Mary Johnson said...

We can't wait to have you join us at the Sew-in!

Compassion and Strength are what my Mom taught me - as a teenage, I worked as a volunteer in the same hospital Mom worked in as an RN. It really opened my eyes to see her in her work environment.

My Dad had a strong personality and my parents had pretty traditional roles in the family even though Mom worked. When he was diagnosed with cancer and then died 20 years ago - I found out just how strong my Mom was. She's never remarried but has lived a very full life.

Hunter said...

My mom taught me to love words. She taught me to play Scrabble when I was in first grade. She insisted that I look words up in the dictionary.

All the best,

Heidi Hess Saxton said...

Lori, thanks for stopping by EMN and linking to us! I hope you'll join us in one of our monthly Carnivals real soon! Blessings, Heidi Saxton

Pat said...

Have a fun time on your trip and safe travels!

Like you, my Mom taught me to always say, "Thank You" and always do your best in whatever you do :)