Motivation Friday

Thursday, October 16, 2008
How did I do with my goals this week? Well, the chunky churn dash has less than 1/3rd to go. My "not so top secret" blocks are a top. I worked on my 80 string blocks and they are done and trimmed! I am especially fond of these because they were made out of a "PIGS" I found in the back shelf of my cutting table. And I still have more noodles left. But look at the mess I made trimming them!

My stash isn't much neater, but I did fold another small pile of fabric. And no, I haven't quilted the isolette covers yet.  I'm still making progress even though there hasn't been a finish.

But I think I've done fairly well. Have done some necessary jobs outside. Today my sister and I made a dozen Kuchen and then made a pan of chicken enchiladas. Called my other sister to come over and eat with us. And I tried Judy L's method of seasoning and cooking a pork loin, I did mine in the crock pot and it smelled wonderful all day. Now we can eat sandwiches for a few days--which is good because I will be busy! Tomorrow I am getting my hair done, Saturday my sisters and I are traveling to Huron (1 1/2 hrs) to a baby shower for Mason. And Sunday and Monday will be days of outside work.


Katie Z. said...

What progress! who says you have to FINISH to make PROGRESS anyhow?

Vicki W said...

String blocks are one of those projects that always feels good!

Mary Johnson said...

My corner looks exactly like that - I haven't cleaned up my strings since finishing my set of 48 green centered block and now I'm picking through them for my free pieced letter border.

MightyMom said...

good job!! but I don't see the mess you're describing!! ;-)

have fun with your sisters!

Pat said...

Good job on your goals!

Your 'not so secret' top is looking wonderful as well as the Amish Bars isolette coverings!

Did you add any liquid to your pork loin in the crockpot? and what was it? inquiring minds want to know?! :)

Hunter said...

Just found your blog and love the way you use it to organize.

Your quilts are beautiful and I'm working to complete all my current projects and using up my stash. Guess a lot of us are working towards the same goal.

Your work is beautiful and I'm going to go check out your archives.

Best regards.

Susan said...

Great string blocks! That will make a wonderful top. Love your scrap box. =)